As a professional coach, member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and experienced mentor, I am here to support your journey using the following philosophy and values:

  • I have a heart centered approach focused on authenticity, empathy, non-judgement, and intuition,
  • I hold a safe, trusting and confidential space for your exploration of topics,
  • I partner with you to uncover the tools and solutions, I believe you have, to support you,
  • I believe that all of us can grow and learn at any stage of our lives once we are supported and have the courage to look at what’s preventing us from moving forward.


I coach individuals, who feel a need for change but lack clarity on a path forward. By partnering with me, they reconnect with their inner wisdom and feel empowered to assess paths not explored before and make the decisions, no longer fearing the unknown of what the future may hold.

The following gives you an overview of the topics brought to me by clients for coaching:

  • Career Path & Development
  • Life Changes / Crossroads (e.g. separation, death, change in role in life, change in location)
  • Limiting beliefs and patterns 


I mentor students, who are currently undergoing a science related course, and professionals, who just started their career in the Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical industry. I use my own academic background, 15 years in this field and coaching skills to mentor you. 

The following gives you an overview of the topics/situations brought to me by clients for mentoring:

  • Unclear educational or career roadmap and opportunities
  • Existing limiting beliefs and patterns preventing full performance in current role
  • How to address/handle specific work or course situations
  • Conflicting relationships

Benefits observed by previous coachees and mentees

  • Clarity on career path and opportunities
  • Improved self-confidence and belief in yourself and your resources/capabilities
  • Identification of core values resulting in a better awareness of aligned options and goals for path forward
  • Identification and overcoming roadblocks, limiting beliefs and recurrent patterns, which can include family and childhood patterns
  • New insights, perspectives into specific situations
  • Better understanding of what the client truly wants in your life
  • Clarity on a roadmap detailing all different routes/opportunities available and potential
  • Better understanding and improvement of relationships with the client themselves and others
  • Renewed excitement for what the future may hold 
  • Reconnected empowerment to make decisions and regain control of the client’s life

Book a discovery call today

Coaching and mentoring are partnerships where both parties need to agree to work together. During this discovery call, we will discuss what your needs are, and whether I am the person to support you.

Pricing plans​

1:1 Single Consultation​


Package of 6 Consultations of 1 hour paid in full


Client Testimonials


    • As an ICF member, I follow their definition of coaching i.e. ‘ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.’.
    • As a mentor, I agree with the definition of mentoring according to EMCC i.e. ‘mentoring is a learning relationship, involving the sharing of skills, knowledge, and expertise between a mentor and mentee through developmental conversations, experience sharing, and role modelling. The relationship may cover a wide variety of contexts and is an inclusive two-way partnership for mutual learning that values differences.’.
    1. Free discovery call is held to confirm whether I am the correct coach or mentor for you and your needs and whether one of these processes is for you. If we proceed, the following steps will follow.
    2. I will send an Invoice for agreed package or individual sessions
    3. Coachee or mentee is to transfer payment as per instructions in invoice, and prior to the first session scheduled
    4. Schedule and hold Contracting session where we will map out what is to be achieved as part of this partnership, if a package of multiple sessions is purchased
    5. Hold individuals sessions
    6. Closing sessions to recap what has been achieved and next steps for you, if a package of multiple sessions is purchased
  • Advance payment as per instructions in invoice is required prior to any session.
    • If you wish to change the time/date of a meeting, please let me know at least 24hrs in advance. If this is not adhered to, advanced payment for the session will be retained by the coach.
    • If you want to stop or cancel the overall partnership, please let the coach know at least 48hrs in advance of the session scheduled. If advanced payment was received by the coach, call will be scheduled to discuss potential refund.
    • If the cancellation policy is not adhered to, full amount or a percent of it will be retained by the coach.
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